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Big Jim's Home Repair

This area is between a driveway and a neighbors paver area. It used to be grass that never did well because it was not covered by a sprinkler system and it is a southern exposure that gets hot and dry.


As you can see the pavers are bordered by 2 x 4 pressure treated lumber that are anchored in the ground with rebar. The water meter area was an odd shape and a paver saw was used to cut the detailed pieces.


This small paver area was designed to provide an area to stand on when managing the garden hose. It is bordered by 2 x 4 pressure treated lumber that is anchored in the ground with 1/2 inch rebar.


This is the entry to a paver path that allows access to the side and back yard. It was challenging to transition from grass to walkway on a slope. A ramp was constructed of walking gravel that compacted nicely and does not move around.


There is a slight slope from the house on the right to the left. A small retaining wall was built on the right to maintain soil for flower beds/garden. Another retaining wall was built on the left so the pavers would not shift to the left.


As you can see, a compound angle was created to allow access to the garden shed.


Another angle of the compound angle corner and a view of the retaining wall on the left.


This view shows the retaining wall close to the home that creates a flower bed/garden area.


This shows the full purpose of the walkway. It created a terrace effect for a flower bed/garden on the left and a larger garden plot on the right with access to the side/back yard and garden shed.